Daryl  Olesinski


Born and raised in Milwaukee WI, Daryl attended University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  After completing under graduate studies, Daryl received his Masters of Art in Architecture from The Southern California Institute of Architecture.  The first few years of his professional life were spent working for various Architectural firms throughout the City of Los Angeles.  Critical to his education within the Profession, Daryl also was given the opportunity to construct several buildings throughout his seventeen-year career.  Serving as not only Designer but also as a Construction Manager, each side of the profession has influenced the other and the way in which the buildings of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC are created.  Having started his own Practice in 2003, Daryl is partnered with his wife, Martina Linden and has been in practice together for over ten years. 


Martina Linden


Martina was born and raised in Köln, Germany.  Receiving her Professional degree in Interior Architecture from the Fachschule Rosenheim Martina began her career working in Architecture offices in Munich Germany.  Moving to Los Angeles in 1997, Martina began work as a Lead Project Designer at CNI-DESIGN, an Interior Design firm specializing in corporate, retail and commercial interiors.  In 2006, Martina joined Daryl as Partner with O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC focusing on Interior Design projects in the office. Bringing the skills learned while within the corporate interior profession, Martina has performed services for Clients from Laguna Beach to Park City UT.  Focused on the inherent beauty of materials and how they interact to re-enforce the overall design approach, Martina's design aesthetic has raised the quality of work at O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC.

Together, our design aesthetic is a subtle, clean and elegant regional modernism. Our work centers on the building’s ability to spatially expand beyond its walls into the gardens, patios, natural light and views of the natural landscape.  We believe in the beauty, texture and feel of materials and the way they interact with the space and light. Each aspect of our design work informs the other interwoven to create a seamless environment.  Committed to the advancement of regional modern design inherent to Southern California, Daryl and Martina both believes that the integration of the built to the outdoors is at the heart of Southern California residential design.